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Static Web Site


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A Static Website is usually composed of a reduced number of pages because the information to be presented is not many.

In the Static Web Site whose contents can not be managed directly by the Customer, but require the intervention of an expert who acts from time to time on the contents of the page.

The creation of a Static Web Site is recommended for those companies, businesses, studios or shops that have a limited budget or need only a simple presence on the Internet and that the information they want to show does not need to be changed frequently.

Our realization includes the custom graphics for each customer, the technical study is carried out for the sections and contents to be presented in addition to the optimization for search engines.

It is then possible to expand the site by adding further pages and languages. If you exceed 20 pages, it is advisable to think about creating a dynamic site that is easier to manage and with the possibility of being maintained directly by the customer.

All Websites are optimized in terms of SEO and visualization on PC Desktop, PC Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

All Websites have Web security.

It is a standard Website, with a graphic impact, customized for each Customer, which includes:

           Description              Included 
  Custom graphics   V
  Contact page    V 
  Page with Dynamic Google Map   V
  Search engine optimization   V
  Definition of the content   V
  Advanced site statistics   V
  Insertion of articles   V
  Newsletter   V
  Custom forms   V
  Connection to Social Networks   V
  Billing included   X
  Payment gateway included   X
  Self-loading client database   X
  Link to the management program   X
  Integration with mobile devices   V
  Languages included (no page translation)   V
  1 domain (.es, .eu, .com, .biz, .org, .net)   V
  Mail accounts included   unlimited accounts
  Unlimited traffic   V
  Number of Categories or Unlimited Cards   V
  Shared Server   X
  Daily Backup   X
  SEO positioning   V
  Basic training   X
   V = included - X = not included    



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