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General Conditions of Purchase of a WEBSITE and Additional Services

Le condizioni generali di Vendita di Siti Web e dei Servizi Addozionali sono state scritte in Italiano e tradotte in Lingua Inglese e Spagnola.
Si precisa che fa fede solo quanto espresso in Lingua Italiana.

The general conditions of sale of websites and of the additional services were written in Italian and translated into English and Spanish.
It is specified that only what is expressed in Italian language is authentic.

Las condiciones generales de venta de los sitios web y de los servicios adicionales se escribieron en italiano y se tradujeron al inglés y al español.
Se especifica que solo lo que se expresa en lengua italiana es auténtico.

General Conditions of Purchase of a WEBSITE and Additional Services

ART.1 - Application for membership, Premises and Conditions:

1.1 The request for adhesion on the front of the contract and the present clauses of contract form an integral and substantial part of the Contract between the "Customer", whose data are transcribed on the contract front, and the Canary Islands BLIVALE S.L. - Calle San Agustín, 43 - Tigaray Building - 38410 Los Realejos - Tenerife - Spain - CIF / NIF: B767741727 - henceforth referred to as "BLIVALE". 1.2 BLIVALE, following the proposal of the Customer, will realize what is requested in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the technical and operational times granted. The amount indicated in the contract refers to the activities that BLIVALE will have to do for the creation of the Website or eCommerce, from now on for brevity defined as "Website" for the purposes of creating and publishing the Website with the contents as delivered when completing and signing the form "Annex C" which is an integral part of this Contract.

ART.2 - Object, Conclusion and Faculty of assignment of the Contract:

2.1 The subject of this Contract is BLIVALE's obligation to create a Web Site and publish it on the Web in the shortest possible time from the moment the Client delivers the Contents of the Website to BLIVALE. After the publication of the Website and the balance of the amount requested, BLIVALE will deliver to the Customer the access credentials to the restricted area of its Website for Dynamic or eCommerce Web Sites; from this moment the Customer shall independently manage the contents of its Website. BLIVALE will have the obligation to keep the platform for the Customer active and functioning for the period defined by the contract signed starting from the date of activation of the Domain which will be communicated to the Client by e-mail. For the years following the first, the Customer will pay an annual fee, one month before the deadline, to continue making the Website on the platform active. After this period BLIVALE shall block the use of the platform (for non-compliance with the annual fee) and therefore the use of the Website. 2.2 The proposal is binding in its entirety to the Customer since the signing of this form by the Customer himself. 2.3 BLIVALE reserves the right to transfer this contract, including the authorization to debit the attached credit / debit card, by signing the present clauses, authorizing and expressly and previously giving its consent to the transfer of this contract to third parties, by BLIVALE, including the debit authorization by means of an attached credit / debit card of which the Client specifically authorizes any realignment, both in case of transfer and in case of use by BLIVALE, so that proceed with the collection of any due dates resulting from the obligations assumed, even if the position has been revoked in the meantime. 2.4 The contract can not be transferred to the Customer.

ART.3 - Intellectual Property:

3.1 The Website and the platform that manages the Website, includes plug-ins and related support services. 3.2 Each party must respect the intellectual property rights. 3.3 The platform may be owned by BLIVALE or third parties, exclusive owners of all rights, titles and related interests, including all intellectual property rights. With the signature of the Contract the Customer acquires the right to use and the components purchased; in no way can the Contract be understood as a transfer of intellectual property to the Customer. 3.4 The Website is the intellectual property of BLIVALE, it is not permitted to the Customer or to third parties to reproduce, duplicate, copy or reuse any part or in any way make use of any BLIVALE trademark to third parties without prior written consent. 3.5 BLIVALE does not claim intellectual property rights on the material provided by the Customer for the use of the Website on the platform and any uploaded content remains the property of the Customer who will be held solely responsible. By using the Service, the Customer warrants to have the full right and property of any and all copyrighted material uploaded or distributed through the Website. By using the platform, the Customer agrees to allow end users to view and share content published. 3.6 The Customer is solely responsible for the protection and payment of all licenses, royalties and copyrights relating to the content selected and uploaded to the Website and displayed and distributed via the platform. 3.7 If the Customer or its end users repeatedly infringe the rights of copyright or other intellectual property rights of BLIVALE, BLIVALE in its sole discretion may terminate or deny access to and use of the platform, without any liability to the Customer or its end user, subject to BLIVALE to request compensation for all damages incurred and incurred. 3.8 The platform may include open source software components that are not included in the license for use and their use for the Customer is not for consideration. 3.9 The platform is composed of modules that will be activated based on the choices expressed by the Customer in the contract and its attachments.

ART.4 - Charges, Guarantees, Disclaimers, Indemnity:

4.1 The Customer must provide truthful and accurate information at the time of registration. 4.2 The Customer is held responsible for any information, photos and content posted in his Reserved Area of the Website and in the published APP. 4.3 The Client allows access to his Reserved Area by the Administrator of the Website and the portal in order to carry out the support, maintenance and assistance activities that are necessary; the Website Administrator may also remove content of any type that violates the laws in force in Spain and any other worldwide legislation from recognized Spain. 4.4 The Customer must immediately notify BLIVALE of any unauthorized use of its account that could cause damages of any kind to BLIVALE or compromise the security of the Website in its entirety. 4.5 The Principal is responsible for maintaining the security of his account and the confidentiality of the password. BLIVALE can not and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with this safety obligation. 4.6 The Client is responsible for all published content, including but not limited to text, photos and videos and the activities that occur under his account (even when the content is sent by other users with access to his account). The Customer can not use the platform for illegal or unauthorized purposes. The Customer must not, in the use, violate the laws in force, (including but not limited, copyright laws). BLIVALE is exonerated from any civil and / or criminal liability and / or compensation for damages to Customers who use the Website and the platform and third parties who believe they have been injured and / or damaged by the contents published by the Customer. 4.7 BLIVALE shall have the right to modify or discontinue access at any time, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to the Principal if one of the above-mentioned facts occurs. 4.8 At any time BLIVALE may issue updates to the Website and the platform that may add, modify and remove the features of the platform itself. BLIVALE reserves the right to issue such updates automatically and will communicate to the Customer via the Website in advance the date of issue of such updates and will provide every detail related to the updates themselves. 4.9 The Customer grants BLIVALE the right to use its logo to create an advertising banner or a web page that will be published on the website or in any advertising material on the Website and the platform. 4.10 The Customer is solely responsible for all activities carried out in relation to the platform (including installation plug-ins), for any content published via the Website and the platform (including text, graphics, audio or software) and for damages deriving from this activity or content. The Customer grants BLIVALE the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt and publish content sent via the platform exclusively for the purposes of performance of the Contract. This right ends when the Customer cancels such contents or when the Customer requests in writing to cancel his account. 4.11 At the request of the Client, BLIVALE will use reasonable efforts to remove any content posted by the Customer via the platform, however the Client acknowledges that the cache or references to the content may still be available and viewable elsewhere if the content has been shared, copied or stored by users. 4.12 Without limitation, if the contents violate any BLIVALE policy or are in any way harmful, violent, obscene or offensive, or that support violent or illegal activities, or contain computer viruses, or that they violate any law, statute or ordinance, or violating this Agreement, BLIVALE, in its sole discretion and without any responsibility, has the right to refuse or remove such content and to resolve or deny access to and use of the platform and the Website. 4.13 BLIVALE shall not be liable for delays, malfunctions and / or interruptions arising from: a) force majeure, including any natural event; b) the Customer or unauthorized third parties who caused tampering; c) improper use of the platform by the Customer; d) telecommunications networks or hardware configuration or malfunctioning of the terminals or accessory equipment used by the Customer; e) delays, omissions, total or partial interruption of services due to telecommunications operators. BLIVALE shall not be liable to the Customer, persons directly or indirectly connected to the Client and / or third parties for damages, loss of data or costs incurred as a result of incompatibility, malfunction, suspension or interruption of the platform if not for gross negligence. BLIVALE will not be responsible for ADV Banner published against the Contract with the Customer. 4.14 The Client must not transmit any worms or viruses or any destructive code through the platform. 4.15 The Customer shall indemnify and hold BLIVALE, its suppliers and licensees, their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any liability, claim, damage, loss, cost, expense and judgments (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) costs) and causes of action arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.

ART.5 - Disputes, Additional costs, Penal clauses:

5.1 Claims: The failure of the Client to challenge BLIVALE, within 10 (ten) days from the date of publication of the Website on the platform, will confirm to all effects the realization of the provisions of the Contract. Any complaint made within the terms set out above, even if founded, will not give the Customer any indemnity whatsoever, let alone the termination of the Contract but only the immediate elimination of the inconvenience by BLIVALE. 5.2 Additional costs: any indications relating to additional features, to the graphic setting, to the colors, fonts and texts notwithstanding the standard contractual provisions, without the payment of the additional costs foreseen and indicated in the appropriate box, are to be considered non-binding, and they can not under any circumstances be contested but will remain at the discretion of BLIVALE. In case of non-fulfillment of the commitments undertaken by BLIVALE, as a penalty, an amount equal to the additional cost and the repayment of the amount already paid for additional costs. Any further damage is excluded. 5.3 Penal clause: In any case in which a liability for damages of BLIVALE arises against the Customer for breach of one or more obligations of the present contract, it is agreed that BLIVALE may at its own discretion reimburse part of the amount paid by the Customer, or if the compensation liability is assessed as being equal to or greater than the amount of this contract, fully reimburse the Client for the amounts paid for the contract or guarantee the free extension of the use of the platform for a period equal to the duration envisaged in the contract signed. Whatever the choice expressed by BLIVALE, the compensation made in the terms described above will exclude any possibility of the Customer to request further compensation, of any nature and entity for the alleged damage claimed.

ART.6 - Useful material: costs and responsibilities of the Client on the accuracy of published data:

6.1 The material useful for the realization of the Website must necessarily be delivered to the collaborator, indicated or appointed by BLIVALE when completing this contract. The Customer is obliged to deliver texts, images and photos in electronic format and without the need for retouching, cutting or trimming and / or reprocessing in general. 6.2 Under the conditions set out in paragraph 6.1 above, the logo and the icon of the Website will be made with the digital material provided by the Client in JPEG, PNG, PDS or AI image format; in case the creation of a new logo or an existing logo starting from paper material is required, the construction costs will be charged to the Customer and expressly indicated in the section of the Additional Costs of the Contract. No logos will be made in the absence of graphic material provided by the Customer; in the absence of logos BLIVALE is automatically authorized by the Customer to use the base logo for the creation of the Website's Icon. 6.3 For the purposes of this proposal BLIVALE undertakes, unless otherwise agreed, to follow as far as possible and within indicated in the guidelines of the specifications of the digital material for the contents, the approval indications communicated by the Customer through this order or subsequent communications sent by email to the address indicated in the present contract. 6.4 In the case the material referred to in paragraph 6.1 is not complete and exhaustive for all the modules of the Website and the Customer does not send the missing material within 30 days from the signature of the contract, BLIVALE is expressly authorized to execute the contract using the material made available by the Customer without the need for further communication to the Customer itself and without this giving the Customer any objection and / or refusal to honor his / her commitment and / or obtaining any reimbursement or compensation. 6.5 It remains the exclusive responsibility of the Customer to verify the outcome of the transmission / delivery to BLIVALE of the material useful for the realization of the Contracted Website, as well as the verification and correction of any drafts that may be submitted to him at the discretion of BLIVALE through delivery and / or mail e. If, in relation to any drafts submitted to the Client, no communication containing the appropriate changes and / or corrections is sent, exclusively via email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 3 (three) working days from receipt of drafts or their publication on the platform, BLIVALE will be exempted from any request, even compensation, from the Customer. The material that arrives to BLIVALE for the realization of the Website, will not in any case be kept and / or returned to the Customer upon expiry of the contract; the possibility remains of the Customer to download or copy the material provided and inserted on the platform using tools and programs available to the Customer. 6.6 BLIVALE is responsible for collecting the contents, and will use any data collection source specifically designed for this purpose to carry out this activity. The file with the textual contents and image files to be in jpg format, are an integral part of the "Annex C" form that is part of the contract signed by the Customer.

ART.7 - Contract duration, Invoicing, Service activation:

7.1 BLIVAL, according to the type of Website, is required to activate the services acquired within 2 (two) or 4 (four) months after the activation of the signed contract. 7.2 The Contract has the duration determined by the type of service subscribed. If two services are purchased (first year and simultaneous renewal for the second year) the duration of the contract will be the sum of the duration of the two services. 7.3 The issue of the invoice relating to the services purchased will be made by BLIVALE upon receipt of the individual amounts; the invoice can be sent to the Customer by ordinary mail in paper format or in pdf format as an e-mail attachment or published in the reserved area of the website as indicated in Art.12, without the Client having explicitly indicated in this regard . It will therefore be the responsibility of the Customer to verify the receipt of the invoice and / or the publication of the same on the Internet and provide, under their sole responsibility, to comply with accounting obligations, tax law. 7.4 Payments must be made by the Customer within the agreed deadlines. BLIVALE can issue suitable non-tax pro-forma documents as a reminder of the deadlines. The invoice will be issued by BLIVALE in accordance with the law, after payment has been made.

ART.8 - Withdrawal and Resolution:

8.1 This contract does not refer to the law in force for contracts stipulated with regard to "consumers", that is to say natural persons acting for purposes that do not fall within their professional or entrepreneurial activity, and in any case are not related to it, even in implementation of the directive CEE / 93/12, it is irrevocable for the Customer. 8.2 BLIVALE may exercise the right of unilateral termination of the contract at any time and without obligation to state reasons, exclusively with communication to the Customer and simultaneous payment to the Customer. In a single solution, the sum of Euro 1.00 (one / 00) as a penalty, in addition to the full repayment of what has already been anticipated by the Customer to BLIVALE itself for the services requested and not paid; this is to the complete satisfaction of any claim by the Customer and expressly waives any claims for damages and / or damages in any way against BLIVALE.

ART.9 - Terms and methods of payment, Applied currency, Application of the VAT / IGIC:

9.1 The agreed contractual amount will be charged in the manner indicated in the contractual clauses. The Customer is obliged to pay the amount in the amount and the deadlines indicated in this contract. The Confirmation Deposit is always intended as a result of the signing of the contract. The balance is due for the amounts and deadlines indicated in the PAYMENT METHODS section - Contract Balance of the contract itself. The deadlines for payments are independent of the activation of the Service which will occur at the same time as the Sales Invoice. 9.2 The contractual amounts are expressed in Euro, net of VAT and / or other amounts, unless otherwise indicated and for any ancillary expenses. 9.3 This contract is not subject to registration, except in the case of use. 9.4 Payment will normally be made by debit from Credit / Debit Card. The authorization / delegation of the Client contained in this contract will be valid for any kind of economic obligation that also arises between the Client and BLIVALE (or between the Customer and third parties to whom the authorization / proxy has been sold by BLIVALE). The Customer authorizes the charge against the communication of such data, also by third companies eventually substituted in the service. 9.5 For the purpose of the regular payment of the service by the Customer, the authorization to debit by means of the attached Credit / Debit Card is unauthorized, for whatever reason, at the time the payment is due, BLIVALE or any new creditor will be entitled took over from the sale of the contract, realign it automatically and make the collection of the due payments even in a single solution, notwithstanding any other contractual provision. 9.6 If the first payment of the requested service has been carried out by the Customer by means other than Bank Transfer or Credit / Debit Card, for each subsequent expiry the charge will be made only by Bank Transfer or Credit / Debit Card, as required by the art. . 9.4. Should this procedure not be possible, reference will be made to the following Art.10. Likewise, credit / debit card will be charged if the Client has indicated his intention not to partially or fully comply with one of his contractual obligations or it has not been possible to obtain collateral security through different forms of debit. 9.7 SEPA mandate for B2B direct debits: The signing of this contract also has the validity of the mandate for B2B direct debits reserved exclusively for business-to-business relationships, pursuant to EU Regulation No. 260/2012. The Client / Debtor company authorizes for the purposes of the use by the Creditor Company of the SEPA mandate for B2B direct debits, the data provided for the Permanent Authorization of Debit in c / c R.I.D. (see also on the contract front) or Credit / Debit Card. The Client / Debtor company authorizes the Creditor company to use the R.I.D. authorization. and the data contained therein, now and / or in the future, also for other charges using the new SEPA Direct Debit B2B European direct debit system, without the need for the creditor company to send further communications to the Client / Debtor Company and also in derogation from subsequent provisions to that effect on interbank regulation.

ART.10 - Expenses, Delay in payment, Tax charges, Direct remittances:

10.1 In addition to the provisions in the previous and subsequent clauses and in the request for adhesion on the contract front, the Client is responsible for bank charges and administrative and postal management of the credit, at a minimum of Euro 20.00 (twenty / 00) + VAT for the first bill and for the subsequent ones in the amount of Euro 5.00 (five / 00). 10.2 In the event of late payment by the Customer exceeding 30 days, in addition to the provisions of the following paragraphs and Art.11, the latter must pay the default interest in addition to providing for the reimbursement of administrative and / or legal management expenses and / or extrajudicial credit, including any reminder postal expenses, to a minimum of € 100.00 (one hundred / 00) + VAT. 10.3 Any insolvency, even partial, will in any case give BLIVALE the right to disable access to the Website and to the platform. 10.4 The customer is responsible for all expenses, taxes or present and future taxes inherent in this contract. 10.5 Any direct remittances must be made exclusively by a non-transferable check made payable to BLIVALE, with delivery to the person upon receipt of the same. In addition to the cases contractually provided, and the payment of the advance payment, the Client undertakes to pay the full payment of the amounts established by direct remittance, with a non-transferable circular allowance integrated to BLIVALE, with a 7-day expiry date from the date of sending the document of non-fiscal debt which will be followed by invoice after collection, and also in advance of activation and / or dissemination of the requested service, if the RID and / or SDD or Credit / Debit Card presented to the Bank indicated by the Customer returns BLIVALE refused, independent of the reasons for the refusal, or in any case it is not authorized or executed by the bank to debit the account, or if for any reason the guarantees given by the Customer have changed with reference to the services requested. BLIVALE is also authorized to charge by RID or / and SSD or Credit / Debit Card the full amount contractually provided for the services rendered overall to the Customer, notwithstanding the various agreed deadlines, or request full payment in any other form at its sole discretion, if within 7 days (seven) from the signing of the contract the Client has not paid the Confirmatory Deposit provided in the front page of the contract by non-transferable check, or higher if so defined by the contractual provisions. 10.6 BLIVALE as well as the new creditor in the event of transfer of the contract, will in any case be authorized to realign the position R.I.D. and / or SDD (make a new request to open the debit authorization at the Customer's domicile bank at the time the payment is requested) at any subsequent time in order to process the payment as contractually agreed.

ART.11 - Express termination clause.

11.1 In cases of non-fulfillment by the Customer with the obligations set out in the following of this contract: 4) Charges and guarantees, Exclusions of responsibility, Indemnity; 9.4) Payment with RID and / or SSD or Credit / Debit Card; 9.5) RID and / or SDD Redeemer or Credit / Debit Card; 10) Expenses, late payment, tax charges, direct remittances; and in the event that the Customer is subject to insolvency procedures, the contract may be terminated by BLIVALE, which will be entitled, regardless of any request for recognition in court before the termination of the right, to immediately suspend the fulfillment of its contractual obligations without the termination of service being imputed to its fault in any way; on the other hand, the Client's obligation to pay for the contractual obligations already completed by BLIVALE will remain valid and binding. 11.2 In the event of termination of the Contract within the terms indicated in Art. 11.1, the Client is also obliged to acknowledge BLIVALE the total amount remaining on the order, as a penalty, with an increase in the agency charges and company expenses for the management of the practice. In any case, the right to compensation for any damages suffered by BLIVALE is reserved.

ART.12 - Communication and election of a privileged communication channel.

12.1 The Customer is obliged to promptly notify BLIVALE of any changes to its registered office or of a valid address for the transmission of communications relating to this contract.

ART.13 - Customer Statement

13.1 The Customer declares to have received a copy of this contract, to have carefully viewed when indicated in the application for membership and in the General Terms and Conditions and to approve all conditions without reservation. 13.2 The Customer declares to have requested the contractual services in order to promote his professional activity and undertakes to refrain from using them for non-professional purposes. Therefore, the relationship established between BLIVALE and the Customer expressly excludes the legislation in force for contracts stipulated with "consumers", that is to say natural persons acting for purposes that do not fall within their professional or entrepreneurial activity, or in any case are not referable to it, dealing with acts of the profession / activity through which the Customer exercises and gives relevance to the reference market of his / her own professionalism / activity and therefore indispensable, also in implementation of the EEC 93/13 directive. 13.3 The Customer also declares to fully approve the discretion with which BLIVALE can change the graphics and the functionality of the platform at its own discretion and at any time. 13.3 The Client accepts the use of the platform at his own risk. The platform is provided "as is"; BLIVALE and its suppliers and licensees provide no warranty, express or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, etc. Neither BLIVALE nor its suppliers and licensees issue any guarantee that the platform will be error-free or that access to it will be continuous, timely, secure or uninterrupted. Therefore, BLIVALE using it, expressly accepts that no responsibility is attributable to BLIVALE itself for the above.

ART.14 - Possible additional or contrary pacts.

14.1 Any additional or contrary covenants to the contents of this contract are valid and effective only if affixed in writing and confirmed by BLIVALE with registered insured mail with return receipt. In the absence of written confirmation by BLIVALE, such agreements or agreements must be considered void and ineffective.

ART. 15 - Validity of the contract in the absence or revocation of acknowledgments and sponsorships; Variations.

15.1 If the contract services have been presented to the Customer with the sponsorship, the adhesion, the endorsement, the presentation, the collaboration of bodies or Public Administrations, Ministries, Institutions, Associations or Companies of local or national interest, any loss of such sponsorships, adhesions, advices, presentations or collaborations in general, does not prejudice in any way the value and effectiveness of this contract and of all the stipulated conditions, which will remain fully in force.

ART.16 - Acceptance of responsibility of the signer and of the account holder.

16.1 With the express and specific acceptance of this clause, the Subscriber of the contract, whose signature is collected on the front of the same, declares the owner and / or legal representative of the Company / Client, and / or in any case declares to be endowed of the powers of representation of the same, effective towards third parties. 16.2 The holder of the permanent authorization to debit in exchange for request for collection (RID and / or SDD) or Credit / Debit Card, declares himself authorized to act on his own behalf and of the company / company whose business name front of the contract identifies the Customer, on the current account indicated in the authorization itself. He indemnifies BLIVALE from any kind of request for any reimbursement, reimbursement and burden of any kind if the current account indicated in the debit authorization referred to in this paragraph does not correspond to that of the Customer, declaring to assume all responsibility and responsibility for the relations between the Client and any other holder of the account for any recovery, regularization and accounting of the amounts collected by BLIVALE, which in any case will not be returned.

ART.17 - Fidejussoria clause.

17.1 The underwriter of the contract referred to in paragraph 16.1 above, declares to be jointly and severally obliged as a natural person to the legal entity of which it is represented, declaring its powers by signing this contract, for all purposes of the law, for all obligations related to or arising from this contract. 17.2 The present guaranty will remain valid and effective in any case and also in the cases in which the BLIVALE company has not brought the petitions against the obliged party in the main way or in any case we have not continued diligence.

ART.18 - Validity of the clauses.

18.1 Should one or more clauses of this contract prove to be invalid or invalid for any reason, the remaining will remain valid for all purposes of the law.

ART.19 - Authorization to transfer contract data to third parties.

19.1 The Client specifically authorizes BLIVALE to provide a copy of this contract to third parties in general, such as by way of non-limiting example Bodies, Institutions, associations and partners of the project presented and / or BLIVALE's activities.

ART.20 - Disclosure pursuant to the code for the protection of privacy REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016:

20.1 The Customer declares to have read the information in accordance with the new code for the protection of privacy REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 and to expressly give consent to the processing of personal data , directly by BLIVALE or also through third parties, as well as for the full execution of the contract or to comply with the obligations under the Law, by a regulation or by EU legislation, also for the following purposes: to develop studies and market research statistics , send advertising and informative material by email, carry out sales or placement of products and services, send commercial information, make interactive commercial communications, transfer to third parties free of charge or burdensome for the same procedures here approved, disseminate data by internet making it possible for anyone to consult, import, st amp and use it also in an organized form for its own purposes.
ART.21 - Competent Court.

21.1 In case of dispute due to interpretation or in dependence or due to this contract, JURISDICTION IS EXCLUSIVELY THAT OF Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).

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